Croft Ales

About this project

Croft Ales is an independent brewery based in Bristol, they tasked me to take over the Art Direction of the company and supervising the launch.

I’ve created three videoclips for them, one for the launch of the beers and the taproom, one opening party Aftermovie and one teaser for the launch of a limited edition Christmas beer.

My duties inside Croft Ales weren’t only related to the video production, but I was responsible for the whole Art Direction of the brand, from the creation of the brand identity, to all the labels for the beers, website design and development, digital and social media assets and managing the brand from the launch in the market.

This project helped me to expand my vision into different design areas, and I had the opportunity to develop a brand, and all its collateral aspects from the ground up.


Croft Ales – Bristol

Opening Party Aftermovie

Limited Edition beer Video Teaser

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